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About Me

Delivering the bridal bouquet brings such joy!

I finally figured it out....what I want to be when I grow up!  
Growing up in a rural small town where resources and funds were limited I always used my imagination and creativity to it's fullest.  My sister and I rarely sat in front of the TV, but spent all daylight hours outside, summer and winter.  In the summer time we would build cities out of rocks,dirt clumps and wild flowers.  In the winter time we would build igloos and 'under the snow' caves and trails.  My childhood gave me something that cannot be taught...it is ingrained; creativeness and resourcefulness.  It happened organically...."I am a wedding and event designer".  I get to create fantasies for my clients.  Whether  it is 'The Day' she envisioned her entire life or lifetime partners celebrating their amore.
Now I live in the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon.  I feel blessed to live in such surroundings where I am inspired daily by the beauty nature provides.  Southern Oregon has given me the gift of inspiration to pass along to my brides and clients.

I have the distinct privilege of sharing a personal adventure with my clients.  I love the journey!
Yours forever and a day,